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If you were one of the lucky few to have visited the Old Dutch Mustard building which once sat at 80 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg (and actually allowed to go in), this is the view of Manhattan that you would have seen from the 3rd floor in 2007.

In January of 2005, I watched one of the most beloved buildings in Old Williamsburg be torn down to make way for more condos.  The Old Dutch Mustard Building was a historical landmark as far as I was concerned and should have been preserved, but that choice is long gone.  Let’s take a look at what the Old Dutch once looked like at 80 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Interior Panoramic from 2005 of Old Dutch Mustard Building

A Revisted Peek at Old Dutch Mustard Building

From justiNYC blog January 5 2005
The old mustard dust in this building may have been carted off years ago, but the shell of the Old Dutch Mustard Building remains in all its glory with the original signage still (almost) intact.  Ever since the first day The fotoUR moved into Brooklyn (almost 4 yrs ago), this building has been a fotographic obsession.  In those days (living out in Bushwick at the time), this building seemed as if it were almost like Williamsburg’s representative -its mascot and anchor-in The fotoUR’s mind.  Today, the opportunity to go inside and roam with a lens finally came around.  Naturally, I have a few treasures to share with the blogosphere and those (like myself) curious as hell about the inside of that mysterious brick structure in the Northside. Here, The fotoUR has for you the chance at a well deserved peek.  Its a myth, a dinosaur and a dream.

DSC08737Old Dutch Mustard Building Circa 2005

DSC08749Not a living room…but now, it most likely is

DSC08753interiors of Old Dutch Mustard Building

The Burg without Dutch Mustard would be like NYC without Robert Moses…much different.  Quite a few months back, ODM went back on the table for $25 million and of course sold.  Brownstoner mentioned it back in August  and the New York Post ran a story in June. At that time, the real estate buzz (according the the broker) was that “the the 47,000 square-foot parcel can support a residential project of 127,000 square feet under new zoning — like a 7-story condo with stores.” The fotoUR can remember thinking (sadly) that he may never get the chance to see the inside before whoever buys it begins to cart in all the Wolf Ranges and fancy toilets.  It was the history that he would miss.  Luckily, today he got a chance to shoot all the old toilets and dead birds that will soon be evicted to make way for Manhattanites in search of a view.  Certainly by that time, the 3 inch thick dust on the windows will have been removed as well.

DSC087632nd Floor Interior

DSC08772years of decay

DSC08774ahh..breathtaking views

DSC08775No employees here

DSC08782aged facade

DSC08804empty halls

DSC08805Freight elevator

And there you have it.  Well, at least some of it- ‘it’ being something free for you to enjoy.  The Old Dutch Mustard Building will forever be Williamsburg condomeantThe fotoUR would like to know what your thoughts are about this structure and what you think it means to the the neighborhood and the direction in which it it is heading.  Urbanfoto has allowed him to share its  wonder many times and reflect upon the possibilities of such a space, in such a place.  The rest of the fotos can be found here in justiNYC’s fotostream.  Please leave comments beside those that move you most, if at all.  Enjoy!

DSC08813take what you’s free

The tear down

justiNYC took a peek inside the building that is (was) attached to the back endof the Old Dutch Mustard Building. Looking gooood! It used to be the auto repair joint that had all of the trucks parked outside. Now its

Dutch Mustard Attached building wreckageRoofless Old Dutch

Roofless Old DutchRoofless Old Dutch
…ain’t much left to touch.

[Curbed] Williamsburg’s Old Dutch: Shrinking and No Longer Dutch

Justin Farrow Photography